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Basic Automotive Tools You MustTo Have

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1. Wrench (Open End Spanner)

Basic Automotive Tools You MustTo Have- A spanner is a key that can be used to remove a bolt or nut that cannot be removed using a key ring, with a shape like an unclosed jaw. For example, to remove the mirror bolt, adjust toe etc.

Basic Automotive Tools You MustTo Have-
                         You must have this 

2. Shear rod T (Sliding ‘T’ Bar)

Basic Automotive Tools You MustTo Have-This T shear rod is one of the shock handlebar (rod) that is paired with a shock lock to loosen / tighten the bolt / nut which can be shifted for convenience, made like a T too. Unlike the ratchet, if you use this it can be used to loosen the first time, or to tighten the nuts / bolts with a big moment. A ‘T’ Bar is used to loosen a very tight nut or bolt. This tool uses two handles that are used to apply pressure in the opposite direction.

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3. Hexagon socket (Single Hexagonal)

A hexagon socket wrench is a key used to remove / install a wheel nut that has a touch area on all the head of the bolt / nut because it has the same number of facets. This hexagon sock wrench is the first choice of lock that should be used, as all of its segments pair perfectly with the bolt / nut head.

4. Key Spark (Spark Plug Socket)

As the name implies, this key is used specifically to remove / install spark plugs. It is necessary to use the sock handlebar to use this spark plug lock. In various models, some are equipped with a universal joint to make it more flexible when using it.

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5.Sock star lock (star socket)

 From a glance, the shape of the star sock lock looks like a 12-sided sock key, even though it is different. The angle is taper and its function is to remove the star bolt / nut which also has a facet like the lock (some are in terms of 5, some are in terms of 10).

6. Screwdrivers

Screwdrivers are automotive repair tools that function to open or tighten screws. The two most common types of screwdrivers are the philip screwdriver and the slotte screwdriver.

7.Side Cutting Plier

Basic Automotive Tools You MustTo Have- One type of pliers in workshop tools is cutting pliers, these pliers have a special function to cut wire, small diameter copper / steel, hoses, and peel off insulation from cables etc.

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