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Honda Mobilio MPV Car Specifications

Honda Mobilio MPV Car Specifications-  If you want to travel, maybe this one car will be suitable for you to ride with your extended family. When going on vacation with family, the thing that is usually a problem is not enough space. So like it or not some members must be willing not to go on vacation. From these problems, car manufacturers are competing to make and provide a product with maximum service for their consumers

Honda Mobilio MPV Car Specifications

            This car is an MPV type. With a capacity of 1496cc, and powerful 118 HP / 6,600 rpm. And with a torque of 145 nm / 4,600 rpm. Using a manual or automatic transmission with gasoline.

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            Honda Mobilio MPV Car Specifications-This MPV car belonging to Honda Mobilio consists of seven seats, which of course can accommodate quite a lot of people. Competition in the MPV segment of a million people is heating up. After the 2019 Avanza-Xenia comes with modern features, now is PT HONDA PROSPECT MOTOR‘s turn. On January 21, 2020 in Jakarta with PT HONDA PROSPECT MOTOR, this car was released with new features on the interior and refreshments on the exterior.

            In terms of design, this Low MPV model comes with a more attractive and modern appearance from every side of the exterior.

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            In addition, this 2019 Honda Mobilio model has also received an update to its interior. One of them is a heat unit with a 6.2-inch resistive touch screen which can support comfort while driving, such as a hands free telephone, bluetooth connection, rear camera and CD and DVD player.

            Honda Mobilio MPV Car Specifications-Not only that, even Honda Mobilio is now also equipped with reliable features to ensure comfort and safety. Such as ABS + EBD brakes, G-CON + ACE TM frame system with SL as well as several complete and functional connectivity features.

            Meanwhile, it seems that the engine still relies on the same technology as the previous variant, namely the SOHC i-VTEC 1.5 Liter type which is claimed to be capable of providing great power and capable acceleration.

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            With all the specifications above, this car is one of the most targeted types of cars. How about you?

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