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How to Overcome brake failure when the path is derived

 Okay welcome to place lovers of modifications. This time will provide tips on how to cope with motorcycle brake or your car blong when the road down.
Case Brake blong is very often the occurrence of accidents, especially when we travel far surely our vehicle rate fast. Especially if we go with our children and our beloved family will certainly be sad not if we go for a walk after that brake blong finally the accident, hope loyal readers does not happen like this
But how to Brake the vehicle suddenly brake failure while again on the road, actually Brake your vehicle brake failure suddenly on the road, it’s because of the natural process.
When driving away or you are driving with a road that often decreases, usually you always hit the brakes of your car or motorcycle during the long journey, when the hot clutch heated because of frequent friction with the iron then the brake is not working immediately you must understand the incident like this.
The question, then how to solve Brakes Brake failure vehicle on the road when our brake pads hot …?
The answer: first if the road condition is still declining long you do not immediately panic and sank gesah, just calm down, if the motor vehicle or your car is not automatic / matic you immediately lower the gear of the motor vehicle and your car into low gear, because this low gear process will reduce the speed of your vehicle. Try to calm down first time brake brake failure on the road, reduce your gear or motorcycle to low teeth.
The second if the car or motor vehicle you automatic / matic because the road condition is still decreasing the length of brakes continue brake failure because brake pad is too hot. You should reduce the speed first and you feel whether the brake can still reduce the speed of your vehicle, if the brake is still functioning should rest your motor or your car until the brake pad cold, you can also give him water so that the process of hot brake lining cool fast.
Remember automatic vehicle / matic is very dangerous if your brake lining up hot and sudden brakes brake failure, because it can happen accident. Before the total blu brake we should rest our vehicles for a moment.
Because safety in driving is very important, why quickly if we do not survive, our children and families at home are waiting for you to play.
And should you if you want to drive far, check first completeness of motor vehicle or your car
– check if the oil is still above the low
– Check your brakes, brake fluid on check is still there or want to run out if the brake fluid is almost gone first fill the brake fluid.
– check the power steering oil, it is still there or is running low.
Also check the completeness of the tires, it is safe or not.
– Check the lights of your vehicle is still on fire yet
– and check your safety equipments, such as jacket, coat, and helmet
Remember in driving we should give priority to safety, if the crowded streets we do not have to rush the maximum speed when the road is 30-40 km / h and the road speed is a bit lonely up to 60 km / h it is the standard speed determined by the police.
Do not panic when brake vehicle brake failure suddenly when the road decreased long, because it is a biological process happened friction brake lining that too often and finally hot
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