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How To Overcome The Car Strikes Suddenly On The Train

Okay welcome to this time will provide tips your car stopped suddenly when crossing the train tracks.
Previously I will tell ya how the car can stop suddenly on the train tracks ….?
Because it is very dangerous well if we stop when the car suddenly on the train tracks, what else the train is close.
Actually this is my experience when crossing the busy railway car continued in front of me stopped suddenly with my haste immediately hit the horn of my car, I was wondering what the car in front of me, when the train is almost close.
Then people came to the car that stopped and they were busy pushing the car, it turns out the car in front of me suddenly stopped abruptly as it passed the train tracks … I straight out of my car down help ….!
The question is, how to overcome the car that suddenly stopped when crossing the rail?
Maybe some people do not know this ,, I explain first. The railway is steel and has a carrier induction because of the friction between the railway and the railway rail, finally the railway has an effect of magnetic waves. Not only that the wheel of the train also contains neutron or negative electron electrons, and if the rail has an induced magnetic wave encountered with negative electricity eventually a passing car with a large electric voltage will occur konslet, causing the car suddenly stopped suddenly and strike in the middle- rail. If this incident happened to your car this is quite a danger because the car that stopped suddenly on the train tracks when the train passes by your car can be hit and dragged away, which can cause death.
Characteristics of a car that easily break down on the train tracks.
Usually a new car that has many electrical features.
Luxury cars.
How to solve it how!
For those of you who have a luxury car many features kelistrikanya
– like a fancy car audio
– camera parking and video parking
-lamps car
-air conditioning
And there are many more elements of car electricity,
1. Turn off the power feature
If indeed your car is turning on the electrical features as above turn off the electrical features first because of this electrical feature which will ter induced by magnetic and electric waves on the tracks and eventually your car broke down suddenly.
Turn off the ac, radio or music that is lit in your car while passing the rail, safety is more important than pleasure is not it.
2. Use low teeth from 1-2 gear
Usually a high-toothed car passes through a railway line, the engine speed will slow down as the high gear that results in electricity flowing into the charging armature is less, while the automatic rail will take the electric car that is on. In essence we use low gear aimya for electricity that flows from engine to dynamo charging bigger.
From the above description,
The most important is to turn off the electrical features and use low gear.
Or if your car has broken down in the middle of the railway immediately turn off all the electrical features in the car, then off your car first and on it back with your car keys.
After that Hit the horn car for ever and try stater mubil you back, remember do not panic because of panic even make you mess and crash.
If the above method still does not work ,, may immediately wave to people and ask for help.
Okay that’s how to overcome a car that suddenly broke down in the middle of the train tracks. So that my personal event is useful for you, thank you for reading our article and do not forget to read our other articles. And if you have any questions please type a comment in the comments field thanks and bye …..!
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