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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Large Motorcycle Tires

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Large Motorcycle Tires– hallo walcome back to lets reading and happy enjooy

                Are you a motorcycle user who has a large tire size? Emm is usually a hybrid motorbike that uses large types of tires, such as the Vivo, R-15, R-25, CBR and other sporty motorbikes.

            Using big tires does make the motorbike look manly, how can it not be that a big man looks manly right? Muscle for example ..

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Large Motorcycle Tires

            Advantages of Large Motorcycle Tires. Reporting from several sources, large motorcycle tires have several advantages, namely:

Looks Sporty

            Big tires make the bike look more sporty and male. Moreover, supported by a handsome body. It’s ready for a walk.

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Stronger, not easy to leak

            Big tires certainly have more strength to withstand loads, this is because bigger tires have a stronger structure. So this is suitable for those of you who are overweight.

More Stable and Safe

            Big tires are more stable when asked for the road, this is because the tire tread in contact with the road is also wide. So it doesn’t slip easily, even when hit by a rock.

            Even though it has various advantages as above, big tires also have disadvantages, you know. What are some of them?

Price is more expensive

            The name is also getting bigger, surely there are more materials to make, right? Therefore, large tires are relatively more expensive.

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Less comfortable

            Large tires will be less comfortable to drive if there is no load on the motorbike, they will usually feel harder and stiffer.

Chain Over Delay

            By having a heavier load, it will wear down the chain and gear quickly.Now more or less, there are some of the advantages and disadvantages of large tires. You can customize your vehicle to your needs, but definitely only use factory standard tires.

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